Sekunjalo and Independent Media Welcome Court Victory Against SACTWU

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Published Apr 24, 2024


Sekunjalo and Independent Media welcome the High Court judgment by Judge Michelle O'Sullivan, which dismissed the case brought by the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers' Union (SACTWU) against the companies - through a 99-page long judgment.

The lawsuit concerned a disputed R150 million investment made in 2013 by SACTWU into the Independent Media Consortium (IMC), previously known as the Sekunjalo Independent Media Consortium (SIM), which SACTWU later reclassified as a "loan".

Sekunjalo is pleased that the court awarded costs to the company including cost for three counsels, validating its position that SACTWU General Secretary Andre Kriel acted within his authority in signing the binding agreements.

This victory is a significant win for the employees of Independent Media and Sekunjalo. We call upon all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and resolve matters amicably, rather than resorting to costly and unnecessary legal battles that ultimately benefit only the legal representatives involved, in the case of SACTWU, the big law firm, ENS.

Sekunjalo appreciates the success achieved in various legal proceedings, including cases in the Equality Court and the High Court related to the unfair closure of its bank accounts. These victories demonstrate the company's fortitude in the face of unfair attacks through "lawfare", unjustified account closures, and hostile competitor media. We continue to await the Financial Intelligence Centre's detailed reasons for the closure of our bank accounts.

Sekunjalo extends its gratitude to its black-owned legal representatives, Abrahams Kiewitz Inc, particularly Charles Abrahams, Ilke Bosman, Senior Counsel Eduard Fagan, and Junior Counsels Nate Mauritz and Jo-Ann Moodley. Their expertise and dedication have secured this landmark win against South Africa's top law firm, ENS, showcasing the strength and capability of a smaller firm in a highly competitive legal arena.

Sekunjalo remains committed to upholding our legal and ethical standards, ensuring the sustainability and integrity of our operations for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.