Petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele, who helped a customer with petrol money, has been praised for his good deed. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)
What you do not realize Andile, is that Ubuntu is a two-way street. This is what this wonderful story of Nkosikho helping Monet is trying to show us and this country, and perhaps the world. You be good to someone and odds are they will be good to you. This principle does not discriminate between cultures, races, sexes, etc. It's a philosophy as old as time. If you help others, you help yourself. A lesson that the worlds societies have forgotten and we are starting to pay the price for it on a global scale.

It’s unfortunately seems that your hate and anger has been made worse by the fact that no one voted for you or your party. Why does it looks like somehow you are trying to find relevance by driving wedges and hate between ordinary citizens by turning a heart warming great story into one of hate and division? I, unfortunately, have some bad news for you; it wont work. Our country's people are too beautiful and intelligent.

Continuing to preach hate instead of the message of caring and supporting each other and the only thing you will keep on proving is your own irrelevance.

The plight of the poor - mainly African - is clear can not be denied. Maybe you should direct your concern to those who are suppose to be helping these citizens, namely the politicians instead of writing articles that try to divide ordinary citizens. Citizens who have been seriously let down and put in a desperate financial meltdown mainly due to your chommy Baba Z's poor administration over the last 10 years. We don't need your negative vibes to compound our disappointment. Ironically enough, billions were stolen that could have helped house the poor.

So do Mzanzi a m**rse favour, turn into the wonderful positive human being and humans rights fighter we know you can be or stay on the path that will turn you into a hateful irrelevant narcissist. The choice to be either will be yours and yours alone.

Gustav Lindemann

Cape Town