Organs for sale: a heart costs R1.5m

Picture: Daily Voice

Picture: Daily Voice

Published Apr 3, 2017


Cape Town - The illegal sale of human organs is being advertised on the side of the road in Cape Town.

According to pamphlets being distributed by the New Day Clinic, you can get the body part you want within a week, while transplants are offered at their “world-class medical facility”.

The Daily Voice accessed the clinic’s website, where a price list for organs - including kidneys, livers, hearts, derms and veins - are displayed.

It claims you can buy a kidney for just over R3.5 million, while a patch of skin will set you back R140 per square centimetre.

Eyes are apparently easy to come by, because they sell for just R2 000 each, while a second-hand spleen will cost R7 000.

After being alerted by Daily Voice, authorities are now investigating the trade, which is illegal.

A member of the public came into possession of one of the pamphlets being handed out at the intersection of Durban and Tyger Valley roads in Tyger Valley last week.

A shocked motorist tells the Daily Voice a “Nigerian woman” dressed in a surgical mask and white latex gloves handed out the pamphlets.

“This place does not exist, yet the number provided is in use by a man who deals with these human organs. Illegal, first of all, but most alarming is wondering where do these people get fresh organs at request?” the motorist says.

The pamphlet reads: “Need organs? We can source organs within 168 hours; healthy, reliable and fully tested. Transplants take place in our world-class medical facility. Whatever you need, we can find: kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, corneas and skin. Contact us today for a free consultation.”

A website address and contact number is provided, but no physical address for the clinic is listed.

On the website, it states “Life is a gift”, followed by: “ONE THAT YOU DESERVE. So why languish in poor health when the poor could be used to help you live long and prosper? Our buildings, doctors and equipment are all top of the line. Our scrub-garbed professionals keep your care as their top priority; they only live to serve. For a hassle free experience, choose the right medical services - choose New Day Clinic.”

The Daily Voice called the number provided, and was greeted by a voice message.

Picture: Daily Voice

A male, with a French-African accent, states: “Thank you for calling the New Day Clinic. Your solution to bypass the system. Please leave your contact details and our consultants will return your call. Your health, and anonymity, is our priority.”

The Western Cape Health Department says it has alerted police, as the buying and selling of human organs is illegal.

Spokeswoman Emerentia Cupido explains: “Dealing in organs is not legal and contravenes the Health Act and Human Tissue regulations.

“Organ donations and transplants are performed via the Organ Donor Foundation in various facilities ensuring a stringent process of verification.

“The Western Cape Government Health takes this matter very seriously. The services as advertised are not within any legislative framework.

“The matter is currently under investigation by the South African Police Service.”

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