inDrive unveils installation of 75 solar lights in Khayelitsha

inDrive installs 75 solar lights in Khayelitsha community

inDrive installs 75 solar lights in Khayelitsha community. Image: Supplied

Published Apr 24, 2024


In a celebratory gathering with the Khayelitsha, Ward 90 community and its leadership. inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, proudly unveiled the installation of 75 solar lights. This marked the success of the company’s ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ campaign, dedicated to bringing light, enhancing safety, and igniting hope within the Khayelitsha community, this initiative has achieved remarkable success thanks to the unwavering support of South Africans.

From 24 November 2023, to 31 January 2024, inDrive, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation LightUp, embarked on a mission to address the challenges posed by inadequate street lighting and frequent power outages in Khayelitsha. Spearheaded by the exclusive track 'Layita Khayelitsha', crafted in partnership with Amapiano sensation Khanyisa Jaceni, music producer/DJ Ice Beats Slide, and Sbuda Maleather, the campaign harnessed the power of music to drive community engagement. With each stream of the song on popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Beatport, progress toward a brighter and safer future was made possible.

Vincent Lilane, Business Development Representative at inDrive, Southern Africa, says: "Our 'Layita Khayelitsha' campaign embodies our commitment to social justice by striving for equity and safety within the communities we serve. Contributing to a project that directly impacts the lives of the Khayelitsha community fills us with immense pride."

The campaign surpassed all expectations resulting in the installation of 75 street solar lights, exceeding the initial target of 50. Remarkably, each light represents 2000 streams of 'Layita Khayelitsha', demonstrating the profound impact of collective action and community support.

Moreover, a dedicated budget has been allocated for the ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and evaluation of these lights, not only ensuring their longevity but also creating employment opportunities within the community.

Khayelitsha’s Councillor 90 Lukhanyo Mangweni expressed heartfelt appreciation to inDrive, stating, “As a representative of this community, I extend my deepest gratitude to inDrive for their unwavering commitment to enhancing safety and security. The ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ campaign stands as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Since its inception in 2019, inDrive has witnessed remarkable growth in South Africa, expanding its services and user base, including courier and freight solutions. With a presence in nine cities and a steadfast commitment to safety and punctuality, inDrive remains poised for further expansion across the nation.

The success of the ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ campaign underscores the influential role of music, community collaboration, and corporate citizenship in effecting positive change. To continue supporting local talent and streaming the song, visit the following links:



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For more information on Layita Khayelitsha and inDrive, please head to the website.

You can view the video showcasing the success and installation below.