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Published Mar 27, 2024


As consumers navigate through economic challenges, there is no doubt that after-sales support stands out as a key factor influencing purchasing decisions. This is especially true in the smartphone industry, where consumers prioritise both value and quality, seeking innovative solutions that extend beyond their initial purchase. Understanding this is leading brand in the smartphone market, vivo who has redefined customer support standards by offering comprehensive after-sales assistance.

vivo provides an array of value-added services and warranty support, including software updates, system recovery, and smartphone cleaning, all free of charge. Moreover, vivo's customer service centers provide a range of complimentary services such as screen protection, TPU cover, and free maintenance services like dust cleaning and memory cleanup. Labor and assessments are also provided free of charge.

vivo understands that it’s extremely challenging to be without your device and therefore offer an unmatched guarantee of a 1-hour turnaround time for repairs, unlike other OEMs that generally take 5 – 14 working days to repair a device. Moreover, vivo's expansive network encompasses over 4000 collection and drop points nationwide, ensuring convenient service access for all vivo customers.

From the layout of vivo customer service centres to the attention to detail provided by staff, every aspect is meticulously designed to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction vivo also goes the extra mile by offering special perks such as free refreshments and a gift for customers who visit the service center on their birthday, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Tony Shi, General Manager at vivo South Africa, emphasises, “Our customers' needs are at the heart of everything we do. Our after-sales support reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and sets us aside in a competitive market.”

Currently, vivo operates two official customer service centers in the country, located in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The Cape Town branch also doubles as an experience store, allowing customers to interact with vivo devices firsthand.

As the demand for high-quality smartphones continues to grow, the importance of after-sales support is key. With vivo launching new devices this year, customers can expect even more benefits, including one free screen replacement for up to 365 days after device activation. This duration surpasses that of any other OEM in the same class and solidifies vivo's position as a leader in customer satisfaction.

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