The US Powerball lottery announced recently that it is introducing a third draw every week.
The US Powerball lottery announced recently that it is introducing a third draw every week.

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By Brandstories Time of article published Aug 13, 2021

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The gambling industry is abuzz right around the world after the US Powerball lottery announced recently that it is introducing a third draw every week. It means that every week punters will have another shot at that big pay-out, which currently stands at an equivalent of R3.8 billion!

‘Our players really enjoy US Powerball, and we are pleased to offer them the option of a third weekly drawing,’ Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) President Tom Shaheen stated in a press release by the Mississippi Lottery. ‘By having an additional draw-night, there is a greater opportunity for faster growing pay-outs and more cash winnings.’

On 23 August, the first Monday night draw will take place in the USA, as well as every Monday thereafter, which is real time 05:00 on Tuesday 24 August here in South Africa. The Thursday and Sunday draws will continue to take place as usual every week at the same time (5am SA time), with the bonus of the extra draw on Tuesdays.

You may wonder how to get in on the winning action if you are not even in America? Have you heard about fixed-odds betting and Lottoland SA, which gives South Africans the opportunity to place a bet, online, on the outcome of the US Powerball draws every week?

One of the greatest advantages of what is known as ‘fixed-odds betting’, is that you don’t need to be overseas to place a bet on the outcome of these massive international lotteries. If you guessed the winning numbers, you’ll be paid out the same as you would have if you entered the official draw in the USA. The entire process is digital, and winners are contacted automatically by Lottoland SA. When you have won big Lottoland will be there to support you and help process your winnings quickly and seamlessly. Personal service like this, is really what sets Lottoland apart, which is why more than 10 million people around the world are regular customers!

Lottoland SA is offering bets on the outcome of the US Powerball, starting at R55 and the odds, rules, or set cash prizes remain the same with the addition of another draw every week.

Lottoland SA also allows you to place fixed-odds bets on the outcome of many of the world’s other biggest lotteries, such as the US MegaMillions, currently waiting for a winning draw of R2.6 billion!

Lottoland’s international head office is based in Gibraltar which is known as a worldwide hub for the online gaming industry. Lottoland is recognized around the globe and operates in 55 countries, including here in South Africa, where Lottoland SA is fully licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

It is also the first and only gaming company in the world to have its own insurance company, to give players the peace of mind to know that the pay-outs of their winnings are 100% guaranteed. Winnings are converted into South African Rands and paid out locally into the player’s nominated South African bank account, to provide a welcome boost to the South African economy.

Watch the video below to find out more:

This is how it works:

- Fixed odds betting is when you place a bet on on the outcome of the numbers that you think will be drawn in a specific local or international draw.

- You can therefore indirectly take part in any of these ‘big win’ international draws, without even being in that country.

- If you guess correctly, Lottoland will match the main prizes and pay the same amount to you as the official winning lottery draw pay out.

- Lottoland payouts are guaranteed as the company is registered and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

- Winnings are paid into your nominated bank account in South Africa.

How to bet on Lottoland South Africa:

- Visit

- Register with / Email / Name / SA ID Number / Mobile / Address

- Once you have successfully registered, choose a product to bet on

- There are 6 options to pay for your bet: Visa / Master Card / Snap Scan / Zapper / 1Voucher / SID EFT

- You can also do a direct deposit, but this will take 24 hours to reflect in our account and will thus only show in your Lottoland account 24 hours after you made the direct deposit.

- How do I claim my winnings? When logged in click on My Account and then on Payout. Click on Add account details ZA

- Your funds will then be transferred into your account. (Usually within 24 – 72 hours)

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