Will banning alcohol reduce binge drinking?

By Partnered Content Time of article published Jul 1, 2020

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Drink in moderation. Pace yourself carefully – no more than one drink per hour. Drinking excessively, to get drunk, is very dangerous.  


Misuse, abuse, risky behaviour, crime, road deaths, hospital beds and emergency services under strain, bad lifestyle choices, loss of income, job loss, bad decisions, lost lives, regrets, abuse, violence, hangovers, reputation loss, property damage, trouble with the law, a bad influence on minors, lost keys, stolen wallets, accident-prone, embarrassment, memory loss, blackouts, breakups, hurt, tears and tantrums.

Watch this two minute animated video to see the dangers of Binge Drinking.  


Loss of freedom and choice, economic downturn, court cases, ongoing black market, police being spread too thin, riots, tax-loss, recession, budget cuts, sports sponsorship losses, fear of other rights losses, bankruptcy, small business taverns and social hubs closed, homemade brews, unregulated scams,criminal elements, gangs, profiteers, the rise of criminal elements, no social gatherings, no restaurants, no family braai's, further losses as side sectors take the strain, nanny state, fear of authorities and uncertainty over human rights.

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