An undated picture from the cover of Michael Volkwyn's funeral service brochure. Volkwyn was killed after a standoff with police at his Athlone home and an argument about his 13 dogs.

Cape Town - Police have been cleared of allegations that they killed Michael Volkwyn during a standoff at his Athlone house in May, a finding which has angered Volkwyn’s family.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) released a report this week, after a complaint from the Volkwyn family. The 61-year-old recluse died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police were called to remove 13 dogs from his house after his backyard tenant complained they had attacked her. Police said Volkwyn committed suicide.

Ipid “investigates deaths as a result of police matters”, and in the Volkwyn case investigators looked at crime scene photos and videos, interviewed a ballistics expert, Volkwyn’s neighbours and police task force members.

“The complaint is unsubstantiated as no evidence can be found to support the allegation that was made or there is insufficient evidence. We regard this matter as finalised and we will close our file,” said Ipid.

Ipid also found a task force member “discharged two rounds from his official firearm when the back door of the kitchen was broken by task force members and dogs came towards the (Saps) members with one dog biting at the boot of Saps members”. It is at this stage the policeman shot and killed the dog on the steps of the kitchen outside the back door.”

Volkwyn’s brother, Roy, said his family was angered the police “had exonerated” the police. “Video evidence shows Michael shot in self-defence, after two shots fired at him.”

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