The IEC national Results Operations Centre in Tshwane was a hive of activity on Friday morning as results from the 2019 general elections continued to pour in. PHOTO: ANA

Pretoria - Thirty-five independent political parties on Friday said that the elections in South Africa were not free and fair, and are calling for a proper and independent investigation.

"The media in various briefings and questions already proved that this election is not free and fair - it is irregular and not transparent," the parties said in a media statement.

They said that the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) publicly admitted that there have been irregularities and that some people have been arrested.

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"With that being the case, there is a clear indication that there is due course not to continue this process without a proper and independent investigation," the parties said.

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"Thirty-five political parties across the full political spectrum are part of this collective. The IEC has already labelled us as disgruntled, we in the strongest terms object to this because we represent millions of South Africans from all walks of life."

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On Wednesday, as millions of South Africans went to the polls for the country's sixth general election since the dawn of democracy, a number of pictures were circulated on social media of people claiming they had removed the indelible ink which voting station officials used to mark their thumbs with household cleaners.

This sparked speculation that double voting was possible, and before long a number of social media users posted that they were aware of voters who had scrubbed the ink off and returned to cast a second ballot.

The parties said it had submitted a grievance letter on Thursday. They demanded an independent audit and a rerun of the elections.

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