Cape Town- The Gatesville Mosque [The Masjidul-Quds] held an inter-faith service during the holy month of Ramadaan. Some of the guests included Premier of the Western Cape; Helen Zille, Deputy Mayor: Ian Neilson & Archbishop Desmond Tutu. also seen in pictures is Imam Sheikh Abduragman Alexander. Reporter: Chelsea Geach, Photo: Ross Jansen

Cape Town - As Muslims celebrate Eid on Wednesday, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is urging them to consider their religion at the voting polls next month.

The EFF said on Tuesday: “A vote for the DA is a vote against Islam.”

The party is campaigning in a local government election for the first time since it was formed in August 2013.

EFF Proportional Representative Councillor for the City of Cape Town, Faranaaz Simons, says a “Muslim voting for the Democratic Alliance is a Muslim voting against his or her interests”.

“The DA has shown nothing but contempt for Muslims, our culture and our place in society over an extended period of time. Muslims exist only as voting fodder for the DA in the Western Cape.”

She says during a recent visit to Gatesville Mosque, Helen Zille did not once mention the burning issue of Palestine, which is close to the hearts of local Muslims.

“The issue of Palestine is one of great concern to all Muslims and humanitarians around the world. However, Zille’s Zionist backers would immediately and materially rebuke the Madam for speaking on the right side of history and justice,” says Simons.

“In the world of Madam Zille, Israel is not an apartheid state, Zionism is not racism and Palestinian political institutions and formations are terrorist organisations, not human rights groups.”

The EFF also claims the DA in Knysna has sided with residents who don’t want a Masjid built in their neighbourhood.

DA Western Cape spokeswoman Anneke Scheepers says the EFF is making unfounded allegations: “The DA is a peace-loving party for all South Africans, regardless of race or religion.”

“We embrace justice and equality for all, so that all people can access opportunities such as jobs. We have always advocated for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, built on a sustainable two-state solution.”

“To use this issue as a publicity tool is quite sad, to say the least. The EFF are divisive and only know how to encourage conflict and chaos,” adds Scheepers.

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