ANC calls for peace between Israel and Palestine, supports two-state solution to end conflict

ANC wants peace between Israel and Palestine. Picture: Mohammed Abed/ AFP

ANC wants peace between Israel and Palestine. Picture: Mohammed Abed/ AFP

Published Oct 8, 2023


The ANC has called for peace between Israel and Palestine following the latest wave of attacks and said at the centre of the hostility was Israel’s policy of expanding its settlements in the occupied territories.

The ANC said Israel has pushed Palestinians to the brink with its persistent policy of taking over their land.

It said this triggered the Palestinian groups to respond to the aggressive nature of Tel Aviv’s continued occupation of land belonging to Palestine.

Hundreds of people have been killed in the conflict that started at the weekend.

The ANC said Israel has for years flouted international law.

“It can no longer be disputed that apartheid South Africa's history is occupied Palestine's reality. As a result, the decision by Palestinians to respond to the brutality of the settler Israeli apartheid regime is unsurprising,” the party said.

“The ANC stands with the people of occupied Palestine as it is clear that the degenerating security situation is directly linked to the unlawful Israeli occupation. Israel's policy of settling its civilians in occupied Palestinian territory and displacing the local population contravenes fundamental rules of international humanitarian law,” said the ANC.

“The extensive appropriation of land and the theft and destruction of property required to build and expand settlements also breach other rules of international humanitarian law,” it said.

The ANC said the international community, including the International Criminal Court and United Nations have not taken action against Israel in past incidents when it launched ferocious attacks against Palestinians.

it called for peace between Palestine and Israel.

The SACP said it stands firmly with Palestinians in their fight for justice and return of their land.

It said Palestine was experiencing what South Africans went through during apartheid.

“The Palestinian people have embarked on an armed struggle, like us in South Africa when we formed uMkhonto weSizwe as part of our struggle to end colonial and apartheid oppression, economic exploitation and land dispossession,” said SACP General-Secretary Solly Mapaila.

He said for 75 years Palestine has been occupied by Israel and the international community has never said a word.

DA MP and its spokesperson on international relations Emma Powell said they condemn Hamas for its attack on Israel.

She said this was senseless violence against innocent civilians.

She said they support the two-state solution based on the resolutions of the UN.

Powell said both Israel and Israel should return to the negotiating table to end the conflict.

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