223 Grant Pascoe, a former DA Chairperson in the Cape Town metro . He was a DA councillor for over 13 years. He joined the African National Congress and was presented to the media at Luthuli House the party's headquarters in Johannesburg. 070414 Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Cape Town - The ANC has dismissed claims that City of Cape Town ANC councillor Jerimia Thuynsma tried to lure a DA councillor to the party through a “sizeable tender” ahead of the national elections.

The DA confirmed it had laid criminal charges against Thuynsma after he allegedly tried to bribe DA councillor Sheval Arendse into joining the ANC with a R5 million government tender.

Arendse recorded the alleged conversation and handed it to the DA and the police. The DA confirmed that charges of corruption and suspected bribery had been laid against


Former DA member and mayoral committee member for tourism, events and marketing, Grant Pascoe, was also implicated and was allegedly induced into leaving the DA for the ANC.

Xolani Sotashe, ANC chief whip in the council, on Friday dismissed the allegations against Thuynsma and Pascoe as “gossip”, calling them a smokescreen to hide underspending on the poor.

He believed the DA was still bitter about Pascoe’s departure.

“Before the elections, Premier Helen Zille said the ANC gave Pascoe R1m and a new car to leave the DA and join us. If this was true, why hasn’t any legal action been taken?”


Thuynsma could not be reached for comment on Friday. Pascoe urged the DA and the police to check his financial records, as well as those of his ex-wife, through whom the alleged bribe was channelled.


“I left the DA because I believe they are not for the poor. If the DA has proof of any corrupt dealings they should come out with it. The police can investigate me,” he said.


The city said it was in possession of a recording during which Thuynsma allegedly offered Arendse a R5m government contract. The ANC councillor allegedly alluded to another bribe paid to Pascoe.

DA spokeswoman Liza Albrecht said:

“Councillor Thuynsma can also be heard making reference to certain contracts in ANC-governed municipalities on the West Coast. We will be following up and investigating these.”


The recording has been handed to the police.

On Friday provincial police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed a case of the unlawful persuading of another person to join or support another political party was laid at the Mitchells Plain police station on May 6.


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