ANC Eastern Cape chairman Oscar Mabuyane with his DA counterpart Nqaba Banga at the IEC centre in East London.

East London - The ANC in the Eastern Cape on Thursday condemned the disruption of voting at Ntabankulu.

Unhappy residents of Ntabankulu blocked roads leading to voting stations in Ward 1 and 4 to prevent delivery of voting material during Wednesday's national elections, resulting in delays at those these polling stations. 

Residents of Ntlangano village later also prevented 591 registered voters from casting their ballots.  

Addressing the media at the IEC results centre in East London, ANC Eastern Cape chairman Oscar Mabuyane said the party was disappointed at the disruption.

"It is very unfortunate that people started digging roads when they were unhappy about something, we strongly condemn that. You can't damage a clinic because you want a school and you can not damage roads because you want electricity. Unfortunately for you to get electricity, there must be a road first."

Oscar said community concerns would be addressed after the elections, when the ANC was back in government.

He blamed the protests on unhappiness with local government inefficiency. 

"We need to deal with issues of the development of our people to reduce the trust deficit. The function of local government is going to be important for us. If we were efficient and effective some of these problems would not have been a problem," said Mabuyane.

Turning to the election results so far, Mabuyane said he was happy. With 60 percent of votes counted, the ANC was leading by 69 percent in the region.

African News Agency (ANA)