Maleetoane Maetu Elizabeth Kgaile was reinstated as the executive mayor of the City of Matlosana, after she was voted out of office through a motion of no confidence on October 25. Picture: City of Matlosana

Klerksdorp - Maetu Kgaile was reinstated in her position as the mayor of the City of Matlosana on Monday, three weeks after she was removed from office through a motion of no-confidence on her birthday.

At least 17 African National Congress (ANC) councillors voted with the opposition to boot out Kgaile, 54, on October 25.

Washington Ntozini, 59, was alleviated from the speaker's chair to executive mayor, but he resigned on November 15.

The council meeting on Monday, elected Kgaile to her previous position as mayor and Ntozini as speaker, the position he previously occupied.

During the meeting, supporters of both Ntozini and Kgaile booed each other in the public gallery, the two sides were on the verge of exchanging blows.

They sang opposing songs calling their opponents sellouts.

After the elections, both groups seemed to have accepted the results, singing unity songs and held hands together.

ANC national executive committee member David Mahlobo appealed for unity stating that the ANC must be united going to the general elections next year.

"We received a report that you are divided, your division lead to the division of councillors and it went to community. You have realised that it was a mistake, the leadership of the ANC understood that there are issues that make comrades to behave in a manner that is not organisational," he said.

The Democratic Alliance said by re-electing Kgaile the ANC showed that rewarding corruption was more important than putting the people of Matlosana first.

ANC councillor sang and held hands during a council meeting to elect the Speaker and mayor. Video: Molaole Montsho

"Kgaile’s re-election is a mockery to accountability and supremacy of the people’s will. Only a couple of weeks ago the majority in council agreed she was not fit for her job and the motion of no confidence was passed with 44 to 0 votes," said provincial leader Joe McGluwa.

He said under Kgaile’s leadership, Matlosana has regressed significantly on key performance indicators and in delivering quality services to residents.

"The mayor and her administration had repeatedly failed to address the failure to delivery services, which residents raised countless times. On a daily basis, residents have to endure erratic water supplies, refuse removal and travelling on dangerous potholed roads."

African News Agency/ANA