The ANC war room drama has widened with claims that ANC officials knew about the covert operation, but the ruling party has denied the fresh claims.

It was reported on Sunday that Sihle Bolani had recorded the meeting with ANC general manager Ignatius Jacobs when she gave him her first report, which showed the ANC was in trouble in the polls.

It was claimed that the ANC was short of R50 million required for the project.

ANC spokesperson Khusela Sangoni on Sunday denied that ANC officials were involved in the covert operation to plant dirt on opposition parties ahead of the municipal polls in August last year.

She said there was no evidence backing up any such claims.

“There is nothing proven that the officials were involved. If the officials are not party to the contract that contract cannot be recognised by the ANC,” said Sangoni.

The ANC has denied sanctioning the contract between Jacobs and Bolani. She is claiming millions from the ANC for the project.

ANC activist Shaka Sisulu, who was also allegedly part of the project, has denied Bolani’s claims saying they were false.

The ANC has said Sisulu, Bolani and others were volunteers, a claim denied by the PR expert.

The DA has said it would take the ANC to the Electoral Court for planting dirt on it during the election campaign, as this was in violation of the Electoral Code.

The official opposition, which captured key metros from the ANC in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, also said its lawyers were looking at suing the ANC.

The DA will meet the Independent Electoral Commission over the matter.

The party has not said how much it planned to sue the ANC for.

The EFF, also said to be the target of the covert operation, was still deciding on its next course of action.

Bolani said last week she has been threatened after the matter became public.

She said in her court papers the War Room was mandated to look at mudslinging the opposition, particularly the DA and EFF.

A letter from Jacobs showed that he entered into a settlement in December.

This was less than half of the R2.2million initially agreed on for Bolani’s fees.

However, she said she was paid R100 000 of the R1m settlement.

The ANC has stuck to its guns that party officials did not sanction the project and the War Room team members were volunteers.

Political Bureau