The murky campaigners who reportedly put the monstrous poster up at the top of Long Street were indulging in shallow and provocative theatrics, says the writer. Picture: Michael Walker/ Independent Media

Johannesburg - The African National Congress on Sunday called on all South Africans to “declare war on racism” and for political parties to refrain from undermining democracy through calls that undermine a democratic outcome.

The “uninformed call” that President Jacob Zuma must fall was a ploy to divert a real conversation on racism that found expression in the comments of a minority belonging to a particular party that was “intent of achieving the impossible return to a racist past”, ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa said.

“It is incumbent on all South Africans and particularly political formations that we undermine the scourge of racism that reduced our country to a pariah in the standing of nations and a symbol of backward race relations. It is evident that this campaign which is privately sponsored by particular formations can only polarise society resulting in strained relations among our people,” Kodwa said.

“Let us in our diversity embrace democratic principles and practices. Our failure to rise to the occasion will result in history judging some among us harshly.

“The message, judging from recent events, is clear that South Africans will not tolerate foreign behaviour by those seeking to reverse our hard-won struggles. We encourage our people to undertake an active campaign against racism and those who want to water down democratic values,” Kodwa said.