The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal has labelled its former councillor, Andre Lotter, a serial party hopper.

Durban - The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal says its former councillor, Andre Lotter, is a serial party hopper.

This was after Lotter and a group of others were unveiled as new members of the National Freedom Party (NFP).

Last year Lotter single-handedly took on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in court.

Through his court challenges, he managed to get a by-election scheduled for his former ward in Vryheid postponed.

Lotter had taken the IEC to court claiming that there had been massive voter fraud before the by-election.

The electoral court postponed the by-election and ordered that the commission investigate his claims.

After its investigation, the IEC removed 1 800 people from the roll. But a year later Lotter is still pursuing the matter, despite a by-election having been successfully held last month.

ANC spokesman Senzo Mkhize said: “Lotter’s primary objectives for being in politics has always been self-interest and his joining the NFP proves this.”

Mkhize stressed that after leaving the ANC in January last year, Lotter had joined the IFP which he left shortly thereafter.

The ANC said it had been happy to see Lotter go.

Lotter said that he had left the ANC after it failed to help his poor neighbours. He then joined the IFP, which he left after two months.

Lotter said he decided to join the NFP as it was the only party that was prepared to fight corruption.

He claimed the ANC was afraid that he would reveal its corrupt activities.

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