The Christians of South Africa in a statement have rejected the apology of evangelist pastor Angus Buchan. Picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency (ANA)

Port Elizabeth - The Christians of South Africa (Cosa) in a statement on Wednesday have rejected the apology of evangelist pastor Angus Buchan, for saying that only Jews and Afrikaners share a covenant with God.

"To us this sugar-coated apology lacks reason, remorse and sensitivity. The party is confident that this Angus Buchan has reached his sell-by-date and needs to retire with immediate effect," Cosa said in its statement.

"In the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks," Cosa said.

The organisation said that it would be hypocrisy to allow Buchan's "uncontested credentials in the Christian community to cloud our approach to his neo-nazism statement of madness", calling on every South African to distance themselves from Buchan. 

"This Verwoed descendant needs to wake-up to reality - God bless us all," Cosa said.

The organisation said that the silence of the ACDP as the only Christian political party in Parliament was questionable. 

"Christian fraternals and eldermans should join the country in condemning the regrettable utterance of this old man. Cosa is committed to transforming and uniting the body of Christ through any means possible," the organisation said.


African News Agency/ANA