Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba. File photo: ANA/Tracey Adams

Johannesburg - Archbishop Thabo Makgoba on Thursday welcomed the appointment of the new Cabinet that is made up of women and young leaders but, he urged the Parliament to" play its proper role in holding the executive to account".

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his new lean 28-member Cabinet on Wednesday night, which includes young and old. Apart from having half the Cabinet being women, the new ministers also represent the demographics of the country. There are 34 deputy ministers.

The Anglican Archbishop said: “The new administration has kicked off on a hopeful note, and I commend the President for appointing a Cabinet reflecting the values of inclusiveness and gender parity. 

“Now we as citizens must hold politicians accountable. I call on the new Executive to put ethical leadership and serving the poorest of the poor at the centre of their efforts.

“Parliament too must step up its game. It has been falling behind the Judiciary and, more recently the Executive, in fulfilling its constitutional mandate and I hope it will be vigorous in holding the new President and Cabinet to account.”

African News Agency/ANA