Ipid boss Robert McBride is accused of strangling his daughter. File picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Johannesburg - Ipid head Robert McBride's daughter has spoken out denying that the assault case she opened against her father is being driven by people who want to see him removed from his position. 
The young woman, who is a minor, opened a case last week accusing McBride of assaulting her. 
She said the case had nothing to do with her father's job and was centred around the incident that took place last week Sunday when she claims McBride strangled her, Eyewitness News reported. 
McBride issued a statement over the weekend denying the claims of assault and said he was trying to reprimand his daughter for unruly behaviour. 
"I admit that I admonished one of my daughters, whom I love very much," said McBride. 
"That was my reason for admonishing her. My daughter was seated directly behind me in the car, it would have been impossible for me to drive and “assault” and “throttle” her at the same time. I deny that I assaulted her and that she had any injuries when I left her at home," he said. 
Also in his defence, Mcbride said he was not surprised by the allegations as they were probably being used by his detractors to settle scores after they had previously failed to remove him as the Ipid head. 
Ipid is in charge of investigating the police and has handled a number of high profile cases of corrupt activity levelled against some police officers. 
One of those cases involve former acting police national commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane, who was removed from his position by Police Minister Fikile Mbalula because of the mounting allegations of corruption against him. 
McBride has alluded to that fact that investigation against Phahlane may be the reason behind the case being opened against him, and lamented how a family matter was being dragged into the public eye. 
"The Ipid, which I lead, has uncovered evidence linking the former Acting National Commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane, to a service provider who bought vehicles for at least one of Phahlane's relatives. Phahlane's relative was confronted by the investigators just over a week ago," said McBride.
He said he would not be commenting further on the matter in order to protect his daughter and his family. 
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