Makhosi Khoza File picture: Independent Media

Johannesburg - Outspoken ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has quit the ANC. 

"I want to say goodbye new, alien, corrupt ANC. I quit," said Khoza. 

She said she has decided to leave the party because it is no longer the organisation she knows. 

"I have decided that I will no longer tap dance with the hungry hyenas and wolves. I will not be led by leaders who have lost legitimacy and credibility. I will not," said Khoza at media briefing in Lilliesleaf in Joburg on Thursday. 

Khoza has been outspoken about her unhappiness with the direction that the ANC was on and had called for President Jacob Zuma to step down. 

She was charged by the KwaZulu-Natal ANC for bringing the party into disrepute and for calling for Zuma to step down. 

Her disciplinary hearing was scheduled to resume two weeks ago, but has been postponed because Khoza refused to appear before the hearing as she believed the KZN ANC leadership is not a "legitimate leadership".

Khoza apologised during her briefing for not being more critical of issues in the party.

She said she will not be joining the DA and is instead joining the people who want to protect South Africa. 

"I am joining the new anti-corruption movement of society and faith based organisation," she said. 

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