Public Enterprises Minister Lynn Brown File picture: Ian Landsberg/ANA Pictures

Parliament - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown’s personal assistant (PA) Kim Davids resigned on Wednesday following her links to the controversial Gupta family.

Davids has over past couple of weeks been linked to the controversial Gupta family with details emerging in leaked #GuptaEmails that her trip to Dubai was sponsored by the family. But she has denied any wrongdoing and insisted that she paid for the mysterious trip herself.

Brown said on Wednesday she had asked Davids to step down following the allegations.

“This past week I have been confronted by allegations against Ms Davids. In the interest of fairness, I asked Ms Davids to respond to these allegations. I was satisfied with her responses but I felt that the continuous allegations against Ms Davids could compromise the legitimacy of my office,” said Brown.

“My decision is not an expression of guilt on the part of Ms Davids. However, it is important that my office is above reproach.”

On Wednesday, amaBhungane reported that Davids had been instrumental in influencing the appointment of board members to some State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) including appointments to the Denel board.

The director general of the department and Davids’ partner has also been linked to accusations of corruption. 

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