ANC stalwart Mathews Phosa File picture: Tracey Adams/Independent Media
Cape Town - A server containing campaign intelligence was stolen from the campaign office of ANC presidential candidate Dr Mathews Phosa during a burglary early on Tuesday morning.

Phosa launched his Lanseria offices to facilitate his campaign ahead of the ANC's December elective conference. According to a press statement, a number of successful branch rallies across the Gauteng region over the past weekend had positioned him as a "contender with original economic and social policy pursuits responding to ANC needs and their members".

“We suspect foul play because this was not a random crime. These robbers were not taking chances; they specifically targeted the server because they knew where to go and what to look for. We are launching an internal investigation with the assistance of the South African Police to get to the bottom of this,” said Andile Lili, head of the campaign.

According to Lili, Phosa’s presidential campaign is tightening the screws in revealing the current flaws of leadership and initiating forward-thinking ways of getting the ANC back to its former glory. 

“The competition is starting to feel our presence in a big way; however we will wait on the investigation to reveal the source of the attack”, said Lili.