120615 - Cape Town - Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille, addresses a crowd of youths about what Youth Day means for us, at early Youth Day celebrations at Zip Zap Circus Artscape Gardens. Photographer - Sjenade Williams

Cape Town - Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille, responding to claims that her husband was arrested yesterday for reckless and negligent driving, said he had, in fact, suffered a stroke while driving in Pinelands.

She confirmed the arrest, but added that the same officials had called an ambulance after the arrest, when it became clear that her husband, Edwin de Lille, was disorientated and confused.

She had been

forced to abandon a meeting in Stellenbosch when she learnt of the incident.

He was arrested by City of Cape Town traffic officers, but no city spokesmen were yesterday available or prepared to comment, in spite of repeated attempts by Weekend Argus.

De Lille said the law should take its course.

“This was his second stroke in three weeks,” she added.

On the issue of her husband’s confused state at the scene, De Lille said:

“The officers who arrested him said my husband did not know where he was. I took him to our house doctor who in turn managed to stabilise my husband’s blood pressure.

“He received medication and will be back for a check-up next week.”

Word of the incident spread quickly through the city corridors.

Media inquiries to the city’s traffic services were referred to the city’s Safety and Security executive director Richard Bosman, who could also not be reached for comment despite several attempts.

Police had no record of an arrest.

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