Parliament is investigating a scuffle between Yunus Carrim and Andile Mngxitama during a committee meeting. Picture: @DavidMaynier/Twitter
Cape Town – Parliament has condemned the disruption of the Standing Committee on Finance and the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry by civil society group Black First Land First (BFLF).

BFLF leader Andile Mngxitama verbally attacked co-chairperson Joan Fubbs (the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry), calling her a "fascist”, and threatened to physically assault fellow co-chairperson, Yunus Carrim (the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance).

"The joint meeting was holding an all-day session to hear public submissions on transformation of the financial sector," Parliament said in statement. "Mr Mngxitama's submission to the joint meeting turned ugly as he became verbally abusive and confrontational, launching personal attacks on the Members of Parliament.

"Attempts by the co-chairpersons to restore order were met with racially-abusive language and threats, resulting in the hearings being disrupted for 20 minutes.

"Parliament deplores Mr Mngxitama’s appalling behaviour, flagrantly in breach of the open and democratic culture of engagement which Parliament seeks to promote at all times. Seemingly, Mr Mngxitama came to have a showdown, rather than to engage the committees at their joint meeting.

"Parliament encourages active public participation and a culture of robust and free exchange of diverse views. However, all participants are expected, at all times, to uphold the spirit of the Constitution and the rules of Parliament.

"Parliament will investigate the incident and assess what further steps should be taken."