ANC supporters celebrate the party led by President Jacob Zuma after winning the general elections at a victory parade in Johannesburg. Photo: Mike Hutchings

Johannesburg - ANC supporters gathered at a victory party in Johannesburg cheered and booed while watching the announcement of the final general election results on a big screen.

African National Congress supporters ululated and cheered as the results were announced, but there was booing when the results of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters were shown, followed by screams of “ANC!, ANC!”.

When ANC president Jacob Zuma appeared on screen, the cheers got louder, but every time Malema was shown, supporters booed.

They had braved chilly weather to attend the celebrations in the CBD and listened attentively to Zuma on the big screen.

Earlier, thousands of party goers were singing and dancing, with fists and posters held aloft as musicians entertained the crowd.

Some supporters climbed on top of walls to get a better view of the stage and two big screens on either side.

Young children could be seen on their parents' shoulders as the festivities continued. - Sapa