Cape Town 140304- DA youth leader Mbali Ntuli led a mass canvass in Nyanga. She is chatting to Magdelene Nantes (left) and Cynthia Buyiswa Qina about the elections. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Warda/Henriette

Cape Town - Inside knowledge of job openings at a leading supermarket chain came in handy for the DA leaders canvassing support in an ANC stronghold in Nyanga on Thursday.

Social Development MEC Albert Fritz said he had received word from a constituency member that the chain was looking to employ over Easter.

Fritz, with his education counterpart Donald Grant, joined DA Youth leader Mbali Ntuli, who went door-to-door in Nyanga urging the youth to make the DA their new political home.

A small group of supporters who gathered grew bigger as word spread about advice and help with grants and the possibility of employment.

Rubbishing claims that it was an election ploy, Fritz said: “People can call it electioneering, but I’m not thinking of elections. I’m really just saying here are some opportunities and in fact there are very little criteria, it is just general work in a retail industry. We are just extending an opportunity… ”

He said there were people with nothing living in the area, who merely needed a job to better their lives.

“Everyone wants grants and I’m saying where we can assist people to get some kind of independence away from the norm of government grants.”

But Ntuli seemed to make a more direct link between joining the DA and getting jobs.

“You can’t be sitting at home not having a job when it’s so important for young people to get jobs. And the only way to do it is if we (DA) are actually in government. We can do it here in the Western Cape. We must take your details so we can help you find a job. Our minister has just announced that there is going to be jobs open from Easter that we are getting all our people to sign up for,” she told 27-year old Sibusiso Xhasa.

“If you like to get some of those jobs, you should come and maybe sign up with us and we will just take your details and be able to help you.”

Fritz and Grant, who canvassed in the Barcelona informal settlement, said the DA received a warm welcome.

Grant said they found huge poverty in the area and residents were open to the party.

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