Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik. File picture: The Mercury archives

Johannesburg - The DA on Thursday slammed the Department of Correctional Services’ claim that convicted fraudster Shabir Shaik's remained “terminally ill” eight years after he was released on parole.

This follows a reply to the party’s parliamentary question on the fraudster's parole conditions and current health status.

The DA’s question was submitted on July 3, 2017 and questioned the date of Shaik’s last medical assessment by the department and whether his condition could still be considered “terminal”.

The department was also questioned on the date in which Shaik’s parole conditions were reviewed and whether or not he complied with the parole conditions.

In its response, the department explained that the last medical assessment took place in 2009, before he was released on parole. 

"The condition of the parolee is still viewed to be terminal... at the time the person in question was diagnosed as being in the final phase of a terminal disease," the reply revealed. 

Furthermore, the department  confirmed that Shaik was under house arrest with "relaxed conditions" that included: attending school functions for his son from 5pm-7pm; going to work from 8am-6.30pm; attending sports once a week from 12pm-7pm and travelling outside the province.

The DA shadow minister of correctional services James Selfe in a statement slammed the response, saying it was shocking that a man "terminally ill" was able to carry out everyday activities.

“It is quite astounding that a terminally ill man is able to work and attend sports, should he wish.

"It is also shocking that the last time his parole was assessed was two years ago."

Selfe added that this showed that the reason for releasing Shaik on parole eight years ago was clearly a farce as he appeared no closer to death today than he did eight years ago. 

He concluded by stressing that those responsible “this mockery of the parole system must be tracked down and held to account”.

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