The controversial DA ad that has been slammed by Proudly SA. Picture: Twitter.

Johannesburg - The Democratic Alliance came under fire on Tuesday for its misuse of the Proudly South African logo in a recent advertisement. 

The party ran an advert in The Sunday Times newspaper which shows what appears to be a Proudly SA logo with the tagline "ANC policy proudly made in Dubai" against a black background on the left hand side. 

On the right hand side of the ad, the party urges the country to "not sell our country to the highest bidder", this time against a blue backdrop. 

The same ad was also posted on the DA's Twitter page. 

Speaking of the controversial ad, Proudly SA said it distanced itself 100% from the advert. 

"The Proudly SA logo is a registered trade mark and as such cannot be used without the organisation’s permission. Proudly SA in a non-partisan, non-political not for profit organisation, and as such will never align itself with any political party or message," the company said in a statement.

Proudly SA CEO Eustace Mashimbye added to this, saying: "This was a flagrant misuse of a legally protected trademark, incorporated into a political advert and designed to mislead the public into thinking that Proudly SA in some way endorses the DA’s stance and views, which is not the case and we cannot let this go lightly without distancing ourselves from this and any other political campaign. “
Proudly SA confirmed it had contacted the DA and demanded that they issue a public apology themselves on all the same platforms on which they published the advert.