Tlokwe municipality mayor Annette Combrink. File photo: Boxer Ngwenya

Potchefstroom - Councillors in the Tlokwe municipality, North West, debated on Tuesday whether to allow a new motion of no confidence in its DA mayor Annette Combrink.

Councillor David Legoete started reading the motion, but was stopped on a point of order by councillor Hans-Jurie Moolman.

A previous motion, tabled in November, had been removed from the agenda by speaker Barei Segotso.

Legoete's motion, which was made on behalf of the African National Congress caucus in Tlokwe city council, submitted that Combrink be removed from office with immediate effect.

Legoete said Combrink was a member of the Democratic Alliance and as such was bound by the policies of the DA.

“The major constituents within the jurisdiction of the Tlokwe City Council voted for the ANC and therefore expect the executive mayor to abide by the national, provincial and local policies, and manifestos of the ANC to be implemented for purposes of service delivery to them,” he submitted.

“It is 1/8untenable 3/8 for the Tlokwe city council, which has the majority of councillors representing the ANC, 1/8to be 3/8 led by a member of the DA in the executive.”

Moolman interjected that, based on the rules of the council, the motion could not be brought because a case concerning the matter was pending in the High Court in Pretoria.

“This morning, papers were served,” he said.

“If we have to partake in this and we go to court, people will be held responsible in their own capacity.”

Legoete said the point of order was merely “desperate tactics by the DA”.

Segotso ruled that the point was not legitimate as “there is no court order in front of us”.

Legoete asked that the house be divided “in line with internal democratic processes”.

“This is so that we can deal with the matter of removing the mayor once and for all,” he said.

Segotso agreed to divide the house to allow voting on the motion to commence.

Fighting ANC factions passed a motion of no confidence in party-aligned mayor Maphetle Maphetle in November.

He was replaced by Combrink Ä the first DA mayor in the province Ä when she defeated ANC candidate Lucky Tsagae by 20

votes to 19 for the mayoral position.

The ANC now wants the position back.

The DA in Tlokwe approached the High Court in Pretoria on Monday for a decision on what DA North West leader Chris Hattingh described as irregularities in the ANC's attempt to regain power in the municipality.

“The DA believes that the ANC is resorting to irregular means to gain back power in an attempt to cover up fraud and corruption before it is exposed,” Hattingh said. - Sapa