Dlamini Zuma tells youth to adopt anti-imperialist stance as ‘BRICS is a breakaway from the past’

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma speaking in Durban on Tuesday. Picture: Supplied

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma speaking in Durban on Tuesday. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 18, 2023


Youth Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has urged youth from BRICS countries to adopt an anti-imperialism stance.

Dlamini Zuma said it was the duty of every youth member from this formation of emerging economies to take that stance.

The minister was speaking in Durban on Tuesday during the 9th BRICS youth summit which brought youth from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to share ideas.

The summit is part of a series of events hosted by Durban ahead of the BRICS summit scheduled for August in Johannesburg.

Addressing the gathering, Dlamini Zuma said BRICS is a geopolitical revolution that will awaken the world from its slumber.

“What we make of BRICS and what becomes of this alliance has the potential to change the course of history and accelerate the downfall of an unjust imperialist world order.

"BRICS is a breakaway from the past,“ she said.

Bemoaning imperialism as a demon that is harmful to the global order, Dlamini Zuma argued the youth to take an opposing stance.

“Firstly, in an increasingly polarised global environment, I expect your summit to be anti-imperialist.

“It is in the DNA of every single BRICS nation, historically and today, to be anti-imperialist at every turn,” she told the gathering.

Furthermore, she said all youth from BRICS countries should learn the true history of their countries.

“First, as BRICS Youth Leaders, you have the responsibility to gain a firm grip and understand the history of BRICS nations themselves.

“Closely study the history of India and China, understand the journey travelled by Brazil and the Russian Federation, and locate South Africa among these nations before the formation of BRICS.

She added that the current and dominant history was meant to dominate these countries by the Western world.

“As BRICS Youth Leaders, you have the responsibility to be historical enough to separate facts about BRICS from the dominant Eurocentric narratives of the world.

“These narratives are mere western representations of our nations aimed at reproducing old pattens of domination and control of the world at all cost.

“You need invest in an accurate version of your past in order to take the wheel and steer this BRICS train of freedom and multipolarity towards its logical and intended destination.

According to Dlamini Zuma, history is a clock that everyone must internalise to tell the geopolitical time of the day.

“The history of BRICS nations represents a compass for us to find ourselves on the map of human geography.

“Our past tells us where we are and who we are. But most importantly, our past tells us where we still must go and what we still must be.”

Speaking at the same gathering, the executive chairperson of the National Youth Development Agency, Asanda Luwaca, said South Africa is an important role player in the BRICS formation and the platform open chances for the country.

“When it comes to South Africa's role in BRICS, we must recognize the unique contributions our country brings to the table.

“First and foremost, South Africa boasts a rich and diverse economy that complements the strengths of the other BRICS nations.

“Our country is known for its mineral resources, manufacturing capabilities, and advanced financial sector.

“By leveraging these assets, we can foster mutually beneficial partnerships within the BRICS framework, enhancing trade, investment, and technological cooperation,” she said during her address.

Speaking of the youth, Luwaca said they are the backbone of any nation's progress and in South Africa, there is a vibrant and talented youthful population that is eager to contribute to the nation's growth and development.

“Working together as youth belonging to our five member states, we can do more to create an enabling environment for business across the borders of our regions, and we dare not fail our youth.”

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