FILE PICTURE: MKMVA president Kebby Maphatsoe
A party member playing victim and dramatising her situation.

This is how the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) president Kebby Maphatsoe has described ANC MP Makhosi Khoza.

Maphatsoe on Friday said the MKMVA fully supported the decision by the ANC in KwaZulu Natal to charge Khoza for ill-discipline.

“We are of the view that she should be swiftly charged. It is clear to us that she no longer wants to be a member of the ANC,” Maphatsoe said in a telephonic interview.

Khoza pretended to be a victim and sought sympathy from outside when she knew very well that she could lodge her grievances within the internal structures of the party, he said.

“She has been called on not to behave in this manner. She had an opportunity to address her complaints at the policy conference but chose not to do so. She knows the culture of the ANC but she has disregarded it.

“It is also clear that she is one of the people who want to form a new party. Like Pravin Gordhan she knows that what she is doing is wrong and is playing to the gallery.”

Maphatsoe’s comments come after ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa highlighted that while the ANC was gravely concerned about members who publicly criticised the party, it would no longer immediately respond to their utterances but would do so at an appropriate time within the party structures.

Maphatsoe said those like Khoza were behaving badly to bring the party into disrepute.

“They want to be charged so that they can turn around and bad-mouth the ANC. I wouldn’t be surprised if next week more MPs call for a secret ballot. This whole thing is about the motion of no confidence,” he said. Since speaking out against President Jacob Zuma and calling for him to step down, Khoza has received death threats. The police have confirmed a security threat against Khoza.

EFF leader Julius Malema yesterday said his party would take action against National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete if she refused to allow for the secret ballot to take place next month.

Meanwhile, the ANC Women’s League, responding to the Khoza matter, said members joined the ANC voluntarily and no one was forced to stay if they did not subscribe to its principles.

“The ANC, which the ANC Women’s League members are first and foremost members of, has a code of conduct that governs its members.

This code, therefore, will be the guiding principles as she (Khoza) is to appear before the ANC in the province,” spokesman Thoko Xasa said, adding the league could not judge Khoza before she faced internal processes.

She also pointed out that anyone in the country who felt their safety was threatened was encouraged to approach the police.

Meanwhile, Khoza, who is a deployee of the KZN branch, took to Facebook yesterday to laugh off plans by the ANC in that province to charge her, saying its legitimacy was already being challenged in court.

“Does a structure whose legitimacy is questioned and which has to validate its existence have the power to institute disciplinary proceedings?

“Please, comrades, don’t use my legitimate and rational call to legitimise yourselves. I refuse to subject myself to such a structure,” she said.

She called for the party in KZN to go to court first and cleanse itself, saying she remained loyal to the mission of the ANC and not the Johnny-come-latelies who did not care about the people but their own pockets.

“I’m disciplined and am trying to fix the image and save the ANC mission which is being molested publicly.

“Are we together? Respectfully, my comrades,” she said.

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