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Durban - In yet another no-holds-barred open letter, Edward Zuma, son of former president Jacob Zuma, has described Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom as a settler who allowed his hatred for his father to “channel his empty brain”.

This follows a tweet made by Hanekom in which he appeared to rebuke Zuma for his relationship with Nonkanyiso Conco, a 24-year-old massage parlour owner, to whom Zuma was engaged.

Conco recently gave birth to a baby boy fathered by Zuma at a hospital in Durban.



In the tweet, Hanekom said: “Eish. The sooner ANN7 closes down the better. Giving such coverage to a person facing so many corruption charges, who brought our country to the brink of disaster and who thinks it’s okay, as a 76-year-old man, to get a 24-year-old girl pregnant”

Hanekom wrote the tweet on April 21, nine days after the birth of the child.

Conco, who was expected to become Zuma’s seventh wife, with lobolo already paid, graduated on Thursday with a diploma in journalism at Rosebank College in Durban.

In reply to questions sent via SMS, Hanekom told Independent Media: “I have chosen not to respond. Others can judge and respond if they wish.”

Edward in his letter “Advice to Hanekom the settler”, said he had been thinking about the “nonsensical vomit that Hanekom has threw up (sic) on our culture and the manner in which he disrespects our rich tradition. I say this after he took to social media to vent his disgust to an old practice called polygamy.”



Edward said Hanekom was selective and narrow in his thinking and allowed his personal hatred of Jacob Zuma to channel his “empty brain”.

He added that polygamy was rubbish to Hanekom only if it was practised by his father and not others.

“How stupid and naive of you Hanekom. I wonder what you will be telling our potential tourists who should be fed the diverse rich culture and different traditions our country has and enjoys.

“Hanekom you should be ashamed and actually resign as already you are misrepresenting our beloved country; whoever appointed you should be ashamed as I would want to believe he/she is of African descent.

“A word of warning Derrick (sic), radical economic transformation and land expropriation without compensation and free education will happen regardless of what lies you tell these barbaric rating agencies who want to dictate to our country,” Edward wrote.

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