Forum 4 Service Delivery leader Mbahare Kekana says pigs are living better than people. Picture: African News Agency (ANA)

Rustenburg - Pigs are living better than people 25 years into democracy, the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) said on Tuesday.

"Forum 4 Service Delivery is so much concern regarding around 20 million people waiting for their houses since 1994. Pigs are living better than people, 25 years into democracy," F4SD leader Mbahare Kekana.

"F4SD is currently crisscrossing the country and the situation we found people in is so dishearting. In Butterworth [in the Eastern Cape] we have noticed people living in waterlog areas in shoddy houses and no toilets,"  he said.

The party wanted people to be given R200 000 building vouchers to build homes of their own designs and dreams.

Kekana said parties which call people to boycott elections do not really know what people were going through on a daily basis.

The Forum 4 Service Delivery is one of the 48 political parties contesting the May 8 general election.

African News Agency/ANA