A picture of struggle stalwart Chris Hani inside his home that will be converted into a museum. File picture: Lindi Masinga/ANA

Cape Town - The Economic Freedom Fighters on Wednesday called on voters to support them in the May elections to honour the memory of late South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani.

EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said the murder of Hani on April 10, 1993, by white supremacists gave fresh impetus to talks to end apartheid, but a quarter of a century later South Africa's black majority still did not live in the democracy he had envisioned.

"Hani was a communist leader who believed that land must be overcome so that it can be returned to its rightful owners, which is black people. We believe that a vote in the memory of Chris Hani could not reaffirm the neo-liberal, white-privileged protecting, ANC," Ndlozi said.

He said those who wanted to vote in honour of Hani should seek a party representing the ideals of land redistribution, nationalisation and free education.

"To preserve the genuine memory of Chris Hani, South Africans and the working class, in particular, should vote for the EFF on the 8th of May. We are the only political party today, inside and outside parliament, that has kept the momentum of Hani’s ideas alive, fashionable and in the agenda of public discourse."

African News Agency (ANA)