North West community activist Napoleon Webster. Picture: Facebook
Rustenburg – The Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) is considering a number of community activists including Napoleon Webster to occupy its seat in the Rustenburg local municipality, the civic movement said on Friday.

"Napoleon Webster is a community activist he accords well with the vision and mandate of the F4SD, he is man who is always on the side of the community. Therefore as the F4SD we will adulate if he can be part of our PR [proportional representative] councillors in Rustenburg," said F4SD national convenor Mbahare Kekana.

Webster is a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) he also leads the unemployment forum in Marikana. He is facing two separate criminal charges – murder and escaping from lawful custody.

However, Kekana said "at this point in time we are still engaging on the issue of the replacement of late [Rocky] Malebana Metsing".

Kekana added: "We are looking for someone who will unapologetically take power back to the people, someone who will rooted to the community and educate the community to stand up for what is rightfully theirs".

Webster is a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) he also leads the unemployment forum in Marikana. He is currently facing two separate criminal charges – murder and escape from lawful custody.

He is appearing in the Bafokeng Magistrate's Court in Tlhabane on February 23 on the escape charge and in the Rustenburg Magistrate's Court on February 24, in both cases he is applying for bail.

The F4SD won four PR seats in the Rustenburg local municipality after the August 3 municipal election. One of their seat became vacant as result of the death of councillor Rocky Malebana-Metsing in November last year.

Kekana said there was a working together philosophy among opposition parties in Rustenburg.

"It is an open secret that EFF, DA and UDM voted the F4SD in power on the first sitting of Rustenburg council although things did not go according to the plan on that day."

He denied that the F4SD was influence by other political parties to expel some of its councillor.

"F4SD is an independent civic movement with systems in places. As the F4SD we will never allow lazy councillors who careless about the community. F4SD has a constitution, code of conduct, pledge and performance agreements to monitor the performance of our councillors. Those who are not or who refusing to be in line with how the F4SD operates, there is a procedure we follow to address the situation.

"On the other hand our councillors are given opportunity to correct their behaviour but we cannot afford to keep those who are not respecting the F4SD emblem. it's an independent civic movement with systems in places."

He said the F4SD would never be influenced by any political party, especially not the ANC.

"F4SD take decisions which believes are in the interest of progress. Our community is starving with service delivery and during our campaign we promised that the F4SD will fight for them. Therefore the is a lot that we yet to deliver such as school shoes, sanitary pads, etc. at Rustenburg since our community feels neglected by the current system."

He said the F4SD was more that ready to deliver the Rustenburg local municipality in the hands of the community which rejected the ANC on the August 3 municipal election.