South Africa - Johannesburg - 03 June 2019 - Former ANN7 Editor, Mr Rajesh Sundaram appears before the commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture. Picture: Dimpho Maja/African News Agency(ANA)

Retired ANN7 and The New Age editor-in-chief Moegsien Williams has come under fire after he accused the now-defunct television news channel’s founding editor Rajesh Sundaram of lying about meetings with former president Jacob Zuma.

Williams has submitted his affidavit in response to Sundaram’s evidence at the commission of inquiry into state capture and elected not to cross-examine him or give evidence as he has not done anything improper, committed any crime, fraud of corruption.

He said he did not think his testimony will assist the commission.

Sundaram told the commission chair Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that Williams discussed editorial policies in meetings with Zuma in 2013.

Williams insisted that no editorial policies were discussed at the meeting he attended.

"Williams’ affidavit is a bunch of half truths and absolute lies,” Sundaram said.

He said Williams attended three meetings at Zuma’s official residence in Tshwane and was present during his visit to the ANN7 offices in Midrand in 2013.

According to Williams, Sundaram’s evidence is not true and that the latter has an axe to grind.

But Sundaram would not budge when Williams’ evidence was put to him by evidence leader Thandi Norman. “I stand by all the facts in my evidence”.

Williams accused Sundaram of being driven by immense dislike for the Gupta family particularly Atul Gupta and his alleged inability to secure employment after leaving ANN7 in 2013.

But Sundaram dismissed Williams’ claims, saying since his unceremonious departure from ANN7 he started two TV stations in Chenai, India.

”What Williams is saying has no factual basis and an absolute lie,” he said, adding that most of the facts he is relying on are dubious.

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