GOOD party leader, Patricia de Lille

Cape Town - The GOOD Secretary general Brett Herron has claimed victory in the Western Cape as their newcomer party tallied with old political parties. 

Within four months of being in existence, Patricia de Lille's party has managed to score itself 50000 votes nationally, and still counting. 

In the Western Cape, the DA is still fairly in control but the GOOD is standing at over 34 000 votes. 

The DA is leading in the province and have received just over 50 percent of votes counted. 

Herron said the party was pleased with the numbers as counting continues. 

"These results are not yet concluded because the metro votes are still outstanding and holds a large number in the Western Cape. 

"So far we are satisfied with how we are performing. If we maintain the number of support throughout the metros, we will come out with a 3rd or 4th place in the province. We had 4 months to build our party, but we have done better than some of the older parties who have been preparing for the past two years,"said Herron. 

He said the outcome of this election will afford the party an opportunity to build a base to grow the movement.

"Our next milestone will be the next 2021 local elections. That is in our headlights. The plan is to now have seats in the national assembly and provincial legislature. We want to build a movement that will be able to compete with the bigger parties in the next election,"said Herron. 

Western Cape IEC head Courtney Sampson Who briefed the media at the IEC Century City results centre said major areas, including the City of Cape Town were still to be counted. 

Stellenbosch, Knysna George and Brede Valley are amongst those still to be counted. 

He confirmed that all counting in the province will be finalised by Friday. 

The Good movement has derived most of their votes from rural areas in the Western Cape. 

"The results on Thursday afternoon showed that most of our votes are coming from the rural areas, we are hoping to sustain this level of support in the metros," said Herron. 

The ANC has yet again lost the province to the DA. In the Northern Cape, the ANC has held off the DA's attempts to wrest the province from the governing party.

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