11 Collin Matjila -Chairperson of NERSA talks to the media on the price increase. NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa ) held a press conference at there head office in Pretoria to announce the increase of electricity by 31.3 percent . Picture:Antoine de Ras . 25/06/09

Johannesburg - The man responsible for keeping our lights and heaters on this winter did not act transparently and was involved in several irregularities in his previous job. He worked outside his scope, and potentially cost his former employer about R16 million because of a badly thought-out transaction.

According to the report by SizweNtsalubaGobodo, acting Eskom chief Collin Matjila was a central figure in the transaction

Matjila ran Cosatu’s investment arm, Kopano Ke Matla, a job which he resigned from suddenly at the end of March to become acting head of Eskom. Last month, Cosatu leaders accused Matjila of “running away” without completing the internal processes, while the National Union of Mineworkers expressed concern over his new role.

On his watch at Cosatu, the Financial Services Board (FSB) withdrew Kopano’s employee benefits licence due to “serious transgressions and possible criminality”.

The building purchase scandal detailed in the SNG report was one of a number that clouded his time there. The FSB report showed how Kopano officials, including Matjila, had received money in their personal capacities from the Bosele Provident Fund under the guise of administration fees.

Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger said the report was not an issue he could comment on.

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