Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Johannesburg -  Expelled SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has vowed that the forensic probe into the public broadcaster by the Special Investigating Unit will allow him an opportunity to clear his name.

Motsoeneng said the probe, which was undertaken after President Jacob Zuma signed the proclamation to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption, would allow people like him to set his record clear after the decision to expel him from the SABC.

Addressing media in Joburg on Thursday, Motsoeneng reiterated his views that the ad hoc committee chaired by Vincent Smith had not given him an opportunity to give his side of the story during their parliamentary probe.

“I am very hope that the probe was undertaken. It will be an opportunity to for to hear the real issues of what happened at the SABC. I will now be given an opportunity to deal with the hullabaloo around me,” he said.

He continued to protest his innocence saying during his tenure, the SABC was on financial sound ground especially after his introduction of the 90% local content. 

In his view, his 90% concept had attracted a lot of revenue for the SABC through advertising.

“The advertisers like the idea whether be they local and international. Their interest was to fund programmes that had a high listener and viewership,” Motsoeneng said.

According to Motsoeneng, his dismissal at the public broadcaster, led to the alleged decline of advertising revenue placing the blame on the parliamentary ad hoc committee findings and the appointment of the interim SABC board.

Motsoeneng also appealed to the parliamentary committee who are interviewing new candidates for the SABC board not to consider any of the interim board members. 

The Star