Hlaudi Motsoeneng, right, visited "prophet" Paseka Mboro’s church to ask for prayers for him to become president of the country.
Johannesburg - Axed SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng has urged people to pray that he one day becomes president of South Africa, saying they would see a completely different country altogether.

He said although he harbours no ambitions to become the president in 2019, he does hope to play a pivotal, if not, leading role in the shaping of South Africa's future.

Motsoeneng, who was recently fired from the SABC for holding an unauthorised media briefing in April, was speaking on Sunday at Pastor Paseka Mboro's Incredible Happenings Church in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.

He was a guest at the church along with Peter Mokoena, who entertained the congregants with his hit song Bophelo Baka.

Motsoeneng did not mince his words as he addressed the congregants regarding his presidential ambitions.

“To those who are concerned about Hlaudi, let me tell you, know that the future looks bright for me.

"When you pray, pray that I rule the country.

“You should pray that I become the president of the country, because in me you are going to see a different South Africa," he said.

Motsoeneng is the second prominent person to visit the controversial Mboro. Former Hawks boss Berning Ntlemeza also went there following the high court in Pretoria’s ruled his appointment be set aside. Just like Ntlemeza, Motsoeneng received a warm welcome from the congregants.

Motsoeneng, who has made statements suggesting that he is backing former AU Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma as President Jacob Zuma’s successor, said he was not “eyeing” the 2019 elections as he wanted a woman to run the country.

He said, however, that he one day wanted to become part of the change in the country.

Motsoeneng also had a message for his detractors, saying he was among the prominent South Africans who were under attack because he wanted to change the country for the better.

“All the people who are changing South Africa are under attack. I’m one of them.”

Motsoeneng, who introduced the controversial quota systems for radio and TV music, which led to the public broadcaster losing millions of rand in revenue, said he did not see the need for the country to have multiple political parties.

"This, he said, was not helpful to a country that has a high unemployment rate, especially among the youth.

“We should rather have less than five political parties in the country,” he said.

Regarding his sacking for bringing the SABC into disrepute and violating its code of conduct after he attacked the public broadcaster’s interim board and Parliament’s portfolio committee on communications, Motsoeneng said those who thought he was down and out were wrong.

“People are saying it’s the end of Hlaudi. Actually, it’s the beginning of a better journey for Hlaudi.

"The future is bright for Hlaudi. This is a test and I am enjoying it,” he said.

“I grew up in the street. I was starving, but I knew I’m different because God is with me.

“We are busy talking about unemployment in the country when we are busy employing so many politicians who are not helping the country in any way,” he said.

Motsoeneng said Mboro represented the country better than politicians in parliament. Mboro said if Motsoeneng does not become the president, he can be a minister or a political figure and would still have a voice.

Motsoeneng said Mboro represented the country better than the politicians in Parliament.

Mboro stated that if Motsoeneng did not become president, he could be a minister or a political figure, but regardless, he would still have a voice.

Mboro said he had prayed for many political figures in the past who were doing well in their career paths and he knew the same would happen to Motsoeneng.

“I have prayed for rain when the country was experiencing water-shedding, and the following day the rain poured.

"I also prayed for the tropical cyclone Dineo, and the storm stopped and did little damage."

Mboro also told Motsoeneng that he must not forget him as soon as everything started going his way, because after his prayer, Motsoeneng would start to see the change.

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