Duduzane Zuma is a close associate of the Gupta family. Photo: ANA Pictures

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane, has launched a stinging attack on former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, accusing him of trying to block the sale of assets of the Guptas.

In an open letter titled "Pravin Gordhan - How Do You Sleep At Night?" Duduzane warned Gordhan to stop his public attacks which would affect the sale of the Gupta companies, and stop tarnishing his image - or he would take legal action against him.

But Gordhan said: “I am going to refer the letter to my lawyer.”

Gordhan has spoken out against the sale of Gupta companies and he raised his concerns during the meeting of the public enterprises portfolio committee in Parliament last week that the Guptas were trying to flee the country.

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But Duduzane said Gordhan’s comments were putting the jobs of thousands of Gupta employees at risk.

He said the former finance minister has been trying to destroy him during his tenure at the National Treasury.

“You have used various state bodies such as the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) and the Reserve Bank to try and destroy me and my business colleagues with no proof of misconduct. Yet you accuse us of state capture,” said Duduzane.

He said Gordhan has not produced a single piece of evidence against him and the Guptas on state capture, but accuses him and the family of state capture.

“All of my bank accounts have been closed by your ‘friends’ in the banking industry - likely with your support. Anybody can see that you are in bed with them, rather than on the side of hard-working South Africans,” said Duduzane.

He said there were no conclusive findings on state capture.

Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released the report in November last year, but President Jacob Zuma is taking it on review.

Duduzane said an investigation by the Hawks against him and the Guptas came to nothing.

The same happened when the ANC called on all those with information on state capture to come forward.

“And still you say we are corrupt, and others are clean,” he said.

He warned Gordhan not to try to block the sale of Gupta companies after the family said more than a year ago it would sell its companies.

He said this was done in consideration of thousands of jobs at stake.

“I am selling my shares to be able to focus my time on clearing my name. At this point I would advise you to refrain from further public statements which could affect the current sales and my reputation. I reserve my rights to pursue legal action for the harm you are causing,” said Duduzane.

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