“I am voting to make a difference in my country because we live in a lovely country," says Martin Douglas. Picture: I'solezwe lesiXhosa

East London - Martin Douglas, from East London, cast his vote at an open field in the tranquil suburb of Gonubie on Wednesday morning, saying he will never leave South Africa for another country no matter the challenges.

South Africans on Wednesday are voting in the country's sixth democratic general and provincial elections.

“I am voting to make a difference in my country because we live in a lovely country. I do not want to leave this country for another country. I want to be here and help build the future of the children of this country,” Douglas told Independent Media.

Douglas said the South African government needed to put God first when taking decisions affecting the lives of people.

“I am not criticising the current government. I am just saying that we need to appoint godly people who will pray before taking decisions. They must not just take decisions by themselves, they must be guided by God.

“I want a government that is God fearing and that serves the Lord. I want a government that makes a difference to people’s lives and not just to look after themselves.”

Douglas also said he was so happy with the conduct of IEC officials at his voting station. “I am very impressed. Everything went smoothly where I voted at Gonubie Primary. The IEC people were friendly and very helpful.”

Meanwhile another Gonubie woman, who only agreed to give her first name, Asanda, said after casting her vote at a tent erected on the outskirts of the East London suburb, that she needed the government to fix potholes in the area. “East London roads have so many potholes. They are like dams,” she said.

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I'solezwe lesiXhosa