IOL launches 2024 Elections portal

IOL has launched an interactive portal ahead of the May 29 general elections.

IOL has launched an interactive portal ahead of the May 29 general elections.

Published Mar 20, 2024


IOL, one of South Africa’s leading news platforms, has launched its 2024 Elections portal, providing comprehensive and interactive coverage of South Africa's upcoming May 29 National elections.

The innovative portal aims to empower voters with real-time information, live updates, and in-depth analysis of key political parties' manifestos, news, opinion and thought leadership.

One of the stand-out features of the IOL Elections portal is the live voting results widget, allowing users to track the election outcomes as they unfold on election day. This real-time data enables voters to stay informed about the latest developments and trends, fostering transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

In addition to the live voting results, the portal offers extensive coverage of almost all political parties participating in the elections. Users can access updates, statements, and interviews from each party, gaining insights into their policies, agendas, and campaign strategies.

This in-depth reporting helps voters make informed decisions by understanding the diverse perspectives and priorities of different political entities. IOL journalists will feature the lived experiences of ordinary South Africans in addition to several data and research led polls.

Through IOL's comprehensive offering of analyses and expert opinions, voters can explore the promises, plans, and visions outlined by each party, evaluating their potential impact on key issues such as economy, healthcare, education, and social welfare.

IOL Editor Lance Witten said: “This is by far the most significant election in South Africa’s history since 1994. The 2024 elections coincide with the 30th anniversary of our democracy, and with it could come substantial shifts to the status quo. South Africans have experienced what political parties have done for them in the democratic era, and have been paying close attention to where they govern, and the levels of service delivery they experience.

“This year could see significant shifts in the political landscape, and the leadership of this country may be forever changed. IOL is committed to helping voters make informed decisions about their future at this critical juncture.”

The launch of the 2024 Elections portal by IOL signifies a commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly platform for civic engagement.

IOL Deputy Editor Lee Rondganger said: “The IOL 2024 Elections portal is designed to be an interactive hub where our audience can actively engage with the content. We encourage users to utilise the portal for election updates and delve into our in-depth analysis of political parties' manifestos. This portal is not just about providing information, it's about creating an engaged and informed community ready to make their voices heard in these pivotal elections.”

By leveraging digital tools and multimedia content formats, IOL aims to enhance public awareness, participation, and dialogue around the electoral process, encouraging citizens to actively engage in shaping the future of South Africa.

As the May 29 elections draw near, the IOL Elections portal becomes a valuable resource for voters, fostering a democratic discourse and contributing to a more informed and engaged electorate.

Click here to visit the IOL Elections Portal.