Latest #Zapiro 'rape' cartoon creates storm on social media

Picture: ANA

Picture: ANA

Published Apr 11, 2017


Cape Town - Jonathan Shapiro, the famous satirist Zapiro, has again skirted the controversial with his latest cartoon.

It appears as an homage to his "Rape of Lady Justice" cartoon that appeared in the Sunday Times on 2008, which depicts President Jacob Zuma unbuckling his pants, while then-ANCYL leader Julius Malema, and then-tripartite alliance leaders Gwede Mantashe of the ANC, Zwelinzima Vavi of Cosatu and the SACP's Blade Nzimande pin Lady Justice to the ground.

The 2008 cartoon drew a strong reaction, with many at the time calling into question the apparent trivialisation of rape and rape culture, as well as the "disrespectful" nature of the depiction of the president. 

The cartoon was in response to the alliance's defense of Zuma's raft of corruption charges he faced. 

The April 11 cartoon was drawn in a similar vein, but instead of Lady Justice, the woman was depicted wearing a South African flag, and was being pinned down by editor Moegsien Williams representing ANN7 and the New Age, State Security Minister David Mahlobo representing "State Organs", and Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini representing "Cronies Inc."

This time, Zuma is buckling up his pants, apparently having finished with SA, handing over to Atul Gupta who is undoing his pants, saying "she's all yours, boss," in reference to state capture. 

As with Zapiro's 2008 cartoon, the "Rape of South Africa" published by the Daily Maverick drew both praise and criticism. 

Below are reactions from Twitter:

I don't understand why Zapiro always feels the need to use rape to get his point across. It's sickening

— Shenge (@MpumiXXV) April 11, 2017 It's okay if you do not like Zapiro,but don't say he's racist when he's showing the Truth.  #Zuma has outsourced his powers to the  #Guptas

— Mzansi Facts (@mzansi_facts)  April 11, 2017 Nothing wrong with Zapiro's cartoon. Art does not exist to make u comfortable.

— Rocks Moroka (@GoitseMoroka)  April 11, 2017

That zapiro cartoon always leaves me with that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. An acrid mixture of fear, disgust and revulsion.

— Cape Town Natz 💫 (@NatalieAndrew) April 11, 2017 We get what he meant but he will be misinterpreted by woke born frees anyway as if Zapiro cares, SMH. 10 out of 10.👏

— Phetole Given Mogale (@GivVi_G)  April 11, 2017  @Eusebius I do not see anything racism in that pic  @LnLukesg .  @zapiro said the truth in a careless manner, nothing but the whole truth.

— Ntsako-Ntsakō (@NtsakoW)  April 11, 2017

Rape cartoons in a country with very high rape stats, we don't need these jokes! Zapiro must be stopped, kwanele manje!

— Negrophile (@Rre_Kgatle) April 11, 2017

Zapiro is back at it. I have no words.

— Canny Maphanga (@CannyMaphanga) April 11, 2017

I don't think Zapiro was trying to b funny with this. This cartoon speaks the truth

— Nadeem (@rok_weiler) April 11, 2017

#Zapiro trivialising rape!?! NEVER! Depicting the seriousness of #Zuma actions. If SA isn't being raped, I don't know what's happening then.

— Mphuthumi Tuntulwana (@Mpu2mi) April 11, 2017

Protest by art. Is anybody better at it than Zapiro? This is insane:

— Mathew Love (@mathewlove36) April 11, 2017

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