State Capture inquiry chairman, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. Photo: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)
Former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi is expected to continue his testimony before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday.

Last week Agrizzi detailed how Bosasa obtained government contracts estimated to be worth around R6 billion by bribing government employees. 

According to Agrizzi, the company ran a number of fraudulent schemes to generate the cash to facilitate these bribes, which he says amounted to millions of rands monthly and were excepted as being part of the cost of doing business.

Among the schemes detailed by Agrizzi was one where Bosasa employees were subscribed to Metropolitan's Death Benefits scheme without their knowledge. When an employee or family member died the company would give them a payout equivalent to the benefit and pocket the scheme payout. The company's payout would then go onto its books as a tax-deductible "donation".

Currently, 10 Bosasa Youth Development Centre facilities throughout the country provide a range of services to children and youth in conflict with the law.



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