The Zondo commission was delayed after Mzwanele Manyi asked that a member of the legal team recuse himself but changed his mind an hour later. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg - The Zondo commission was delayed for over an hour after businessman Mzwanele Manyi has asked that a member of the Zondo commission's legal team recuse himself from leading him in evidence. 

Manyi later changed his mind, after an hour, and said he was no longer seeking to apply for Maleka to recuse himself.

The businessman started off his second day of testimony at the inquiry on Tuesday and projected himself as a victim saying he was unhappy with how Advocate Vincent Maleka, a member of the commission's legal team, was questioning him. 

The former government spin doctor said he felt Maleka was not fair in how he cross-examined him during his first day of testimony on Monday and said it was contrary to how Maeleka had previously asked questions to other witnesses. 

"Yesterday, Mr Maleka's posture actually confirmed my fears. His posture was prosecutorial as opposed to evidence leader and I am not so sure what is happening now because I came here under the pretence of answering questions to assist the commission, but I feel I am the accused.

"I have a prosecutor Mr Maleka who is busy cross-questioning everything. Why is this posture only reserved just for me? Other people have been here saying all kinds of things without producing any evidence and they were never asked to verify this and that," said Manyi. 

Maleka responded and said he would never act unethically and that the commission's legal team is subjected to the rules of the commission. 

"I can assure him that we went through a process of accreditation and there is nothing untoward arising from the process. I can assure him that we lead by strong legal ethics. I can assure him that as we raise questions we are subject to tight rules you," said Maleka. 

Manyi was still unpleased with Maleka's answers and asked that Maleka recuse himself.

The commission's chairperson deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo told Manyi that he would have to apply seeking Maleka to recuse himself. 

After an hour break, while the commission's legal team deliberated, Manyi did a U-turn and said he does not want to apply for Maleka to recuse himself.