Marietha Aucamp File picture: Masi Losi/ANA

Pretoria - Controversial Tshwane chief of staff Marietha Aucamp who resigned under a cloud over her qualifications, on Friday said it was not true that she was asked by mayor Solly Msimanga to quit.

Aucamp said she would not respond to the statement which was released by the mayor saying he had asked her to resign during a conversation.

"That's not how I recall the conversation, the conversation was based on where we are at the moment in the city, what is the political risk, what is the risk of the administration going forward," she said on talk Radio 702.

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When asked if she feel betrayed since the mayor's statement claimed otherwise, Aucamp insisted that she was never asked to resign.

"I know the mayor did not write that statement, so I don't feel betrayed by the mayor."

The mayor's spokesperson, Samkelo Mgobozi, said the statement was drafted in consultation with the mayor and due process was followed.

"It was with the mayor's blessing that I released the statement because I was not privy to the conversation but the statement indeed had the mayor's endorsement," Mgobozi said.

News24 initially reported that Aucamp landed the R1.2m per year job despite not having the required qualifications. According to the report, the job advert required that the candidates have a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification. 

When asked why her personal assessment sheet had indicated that she had a bachelor's degree, Aucamp said she did not know who filled in the documents because she indicated during her application that she only has matric.

"I think there were personal files of both my self and some other candidates of the city's manager position that got leaked... I know there is an investigation going on in regards to the leaking of it."

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