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Johannesburg - City of Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba has made his first cut in his mayoral committee.

On Tuesday morning he announced that he has replaced the member of the mayoral committee Environmental and Infrastructure Services Department Anthony Still because of a disagreement over the current investigation into City Power contracts.

Mashaba said that it was “with regret” that he announced that MMC Still would be standing down on Tuesday.

“Still has served the City of Joburg in various roles for a considerable period of time. His knowledge on matters of infrastructure services has been invaluable. I have sat down with MMC Still and discussed the matter extensively. Unfortunately, we held a difference of opinion on the approach to tackling matters of investigations into alleged fraud and corruption within City Power,” he said.

The mayor said he is “firmly of the view” that he requires a team of MMCs who share his commitment to tackling matters of alleged fraud and corruption in the city.

“This is what the residents of our city have demanded and I will remain unapologetic in my commitment to deliver on it.”

As of Tuesday, and following an extensive process of consideration, Mashaba said he was announcing that Nico De Jager would assume the position of MMC for environmental and infrastructure services.

De Jager, he said, had served as a councillor in the city since 2005.

He possesses a wealth of experience and skills that will bring value to this role. To add to his experience in council, De Jager has a tertiary qualification in public administration, he added.

“De Jager has the tenacity to address the serious issues that plague the delivery of services from the city entities that operate under this department. I regard this to be the most important aspect of any candidate for this position. The change that has been required by the voters of Joburg requires this kind of tenacity, to which I refer, to deliver it. I have every confidence in newly-appointed De Jager and I wish him well in this new role,” he concluded.

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