Advocate Lawrence Mrwebi testifying before the Mokgoro Enquiry in his bid to rebut allegations that he acted improperly when he decided to withdraw criminal charges against former Crime Intelligence boss Richard Mdluli in December 2011. Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - Before going through cross-examination at the Mokgoro inquiry, the suspended Special Director of Public Prosecutions Lawrence Mrwebi on Friday said he found the process highly unfair and felt like an accused.

Mrwebi said he was suspended based on an allegation made by an unidentified person that he was unfit to hold office. 

"The difficulty of all that is that other than the broad allegation that you are unfit, you are not told on what basis and what are the issues that need to be looked at."

The advocate said he found it difficult to prepare for the inquiry as he did not know what to expect and this posed as a dilemma to him.

"The only time I came to know what is this I must answer for, is when witnesses are called to come and implicate me. It’s at that point that I had to run like a headless chicken looking for evidence and documents to refute those allegations, which is very unfair," he said.

Mrwebi described his situation like somebody who is engaged in a fight but one of your hands is tied behind their back.

"That’s a situation I find to be extremely unfair."

He said he was under the impression that the inquiry would go out and collect all the evidence, not necessarily implicate him and his colleague, suspended deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions Nomgcobo Jiba.

"How do you answer questions when you know the evidence that’s supposed to be in front of the commission is not here. I feel like an accused person as I’m sitting here," Mrwebi said.

It is alleged that Mrwebi acted improperly when he withdrew charges against former Crime Intelligence boss Richard Mdluli in 2011.

The hearing continues.

African News Agency/ANA